Huawei Connect 2017: Cloud innovations for digital transformation

Huawei Connect 2017
At Huawei Connect 2017, Huawei announced six Cloud innovations designed to help enterprises with digital transformation.

The new solutions include innovations in hardware, software, data, connection, architecture, and hybrid Cloud.

“The digital transformation in many industries will bring human beings to an intelligent world in the future, and innovation will be the driving force of the revolution,” said Joy Huang, vice president of Huawei’s IT Product Line.

“Increasingly, innovation will take place in the Cloud, and the Cloud will need the all-round strength. Huawei Cloud is committed to be an enabler of intelligent world, delivering continuous innovations of technologies and capabilities on Huawei Cloud to help customers succeed in their digital transformation,” Huang added.

Atlas is Huawei’s new-generation intelligent Cloud hardware platform designed to pool resources of graphics processing units (GPUs), hard disk drives (HDDs), and solid state drives (SSDs) using heterogeneous resource pools and intelligent orchestration.

Huawei DevCloud, the software innovation, enables tools, capabilities, and process services on Huawei Cloud, sharing Huawei’s accumulated development experience with enterprises.

Huawei Cloud enterprise intelligence (EI) services, the latest data innovation, assist enterprises in data innovation to create an intelligent world.

Huawei Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) platform, the Connection innovation, is a full-stack platform that includes SIM card management, device management, and application enablement layer, having features of secure connection, cross-industry ecosystem, and easy integration.

Under Cloud Architecture innovation, Huawei Cloud released the FusionCloud Stack solution and introduced enterprise storage services with 99.9999 percent reliability.

The FusionBridge is the hybrid Cloud solution based on the OpenStack Cloud platform, with an innovative injection cascading architecture that is used to implement homogeneous or heterogeneous hybrid Cloud.

In the Era of Cloud 2.0, technologies such as Cloud computing, big data, AI, and IoT, will make use of data and scenario innovations of industrial enterprises. Huawei Cloud works with partners to provide differentiated Cloud, big data, and AI services, meeting the customer requirements of increasingly complex scenarios.

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