HP selects E2open for cloud based platform for supplier collaboration

Infotech Lead America: E2open, a provider of strategic cloud-based solutions for collaborative execution across global trading networks has been selected by HP to help its suppliers reduce lead times and inventory.

The E2open Business Network will provide a cloud-based platform which will be used across all major HP product lines for consolidated global procurement. The platform will help HP improve efficiency through a centralized procurement process that will lower the cost to serve.

E2open facilitates collaboration across purchase orders, sales orders, inventory, and returns for both vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and HP-owned inventory. The system will enable HP to manage multiple methods of inventory management in a more organized and flexible manner.

The E2open Business Network features collaboration tools and analytics to enable E2open customers to make more informed and efficient decisions.

Pervinder Johar, vice president of Global Supply Chain Systems for HP, said: “We plan to use E2open’s bi-directional, cloud-based platform so we can connect and collaborate with our partners in real time.”

Mark Woodward, president and CEO of E2open said, “By providing a single source of truth, HP and its trading partners will be able to analyze real-time data across multiple tiers of the supply chain and make better decisions based on better information.”

Currently the E2open Business Network has over 34,000 trading partners and over 105,000 unique registered users. The network allows participants to access and share data and execute business processes in a secure, real-time manner.

E2open has added 24 new customers during fiscal 2013. Its total bookings increased by 72 percent in FY2013. The company also announced the availability of the newest version of E2 Cloud Connectivity, the foundation layer of the E2open Business Network.


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