HP revises Labs strategies, to focus on Cloud computing, mobility, security and big data analytics


Infotech Lead India: HP is revising its strategies for HP Labs.

In 2012, HP Labs will focus on Cloud computing, mobility, security and big data analytics for enterprises.

The re-focus in its research will be aimed at having deeper engagements within HP Enterprise Services, HP Enterprise Group and Global Analytics.

This will be a significant departure from its earlier works.

“Cloud computing, mobility, security, collaboration, and big data analytics are beginning to play a crucial part in the evolution of next generation technology usage and adoption across both enterprises and consumers alike,” said Sudhir Dixit, director, HP Labs India.

Sudhir Dixit, director, HP Labs India

HP will focus on enterprise and consumer centric research projects such as Human Augmented Cloud Computing or CrowdCloud. Another area will be Future School, a cloud based learning platform that will allow personalized education delivery over the Internet in an intuitive and engaging manner.

Other areas include Smart Mobile Services – an initiative using cloud computing, to extend the use of mobile phones beyond voice-based communication for bringing together service providers and consumers in real time and across geo-locations.

HP will also look at a study on Interaction Technologies to help enterprises expand their customer database, while operating in an environment where technology penetration is low due to lack of familiarity with the keyboard and mouse.

In last 10 years, HP Labs’ achievements include speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies for Indian languages. HP, in 2007, released Lipi Toolkit to simplify the creation of handwriting recognition for phonetic based scripts. The open source solution achieved over 30,000 downloads per month.

Other major pilots and concepts during the last decade include:

Gesture Keyboard, TVPrintcast, Vayu, Personalized Video, VideoBook, SiteOnMobile, Trusted Hardcopy, Educenter among others.

Set up in February 2002, HP Labs focused on creating technology and solutions that help bridge the digital divide. The initial research efforts were aimed at simplifying internet access, speech and gesture based communication interfaces and new software and hardware based models for natural interaction with IT interfaces and devices.

“HP Labs India is at the intersection of the present and the future. India is one of the world’s largest sources of human potential. At the same time, Information Technology (IT) is one of the world’s best mechanisms for maximizing human potential. HP Labs India is bringing these two forces together in ways that are powerful and productive,” said Chandrakant D Patel, HP Senior Fellow and director (interim) HP Labs.

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