HP launches new software to improve performance management of cloud and mobile applications

Infotech Lead India: HP has launched its new software that helps clients improve performance management of cloud and mobile applications.

The new software enhances mobile monitoring and increasing collaboration between operations and development teams. These new features help organizations adopt a new set of software delivery practices – DevOps – for the continuous delivery of high-quality applications.

“Managing the performance and availability of business-critical applications is an enormous task within a complex cloud computing environment,” said Amit Chatterjee, country director, HP Software India.

HP Application Performance Management 9.2 enables enterprises to quickly and easily understand what business critical applications may be at risk, and address a problem before end users notice there is an issue.

HP Application Performance Management 9.2 enables clients to improve collaboration through new features that allow development and operations teams to share artifacts and data, access production application metrics, and run tests based on actual data as opposed to projections or guesses.

It also enhances visibility and productivity through offerings that help development teams efficiently test preproduction applications, generate performance reports for all tests and allow operations teams to quickly fix post-production application problems before application availability becomes a widespread issue

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