HP launches Cloud consultancy services for Indian enterprises

HP has introduced Cloud consultancy services aimed at Indian businesses and governments.

HP, which is looking at assisting enterprises for the quick adoption of Cloud services, is adding to its cloud solutions portfolio in two areas.

“India is on the verge of using Cloud services in a big way. However, enterprises would like to know how fast they can utilize Cloud infrastructure. Our efforts are to facilitate Cloud adoption,” said M Lakshmi Narayan Rao, national manager – Cloud consulting services, HP.

The first area puts common cloud techniques to work for design engineers based on HP’s own internal experience. The second area is focused on education with two new HP Cloud Security Alliance courses aimed at arming clients with the expertise to navigate potential security implications of cloud solutions.

HP Engineering Cloud Transformation Services

For many organizations, the product design process has become increasingly complex, with IT systems and design teams that are spread across several continents, creating potential disruptions in the flow of information. This impacts productivity and delays products, negatively influencing market position and profitability. To remain competitive, enterprises need to streamline their engineering IT environments for greater efficiency, enabling them to introduce new products to market quickly, meeting customer expectations.

New HP Engineering Cloud Transformation Services help improve product time to market by using the cloud for engineering IT systems, offering a complete life cycle experience, from initiation to delivery. The services include:

Engineering Cloud Experience Workshop is designed to reduce risk and expedite decision making with best practices for product development and engineering transformation programs. Clients learn how to align corporate IT and engineering teams in an effort to determine critical success factors and define a roadmap aimed at optimizing performance.

Engineering Cloud Rapid Investment Analysis helps instill client confidence that a transformation can generate a rapid return on investment. HP will conduct an analysis of a client’s current architecture to quickly determine potential benefits of investing in a modernization project.

Engineering Cloud Proof of Concept enables clients to visualize improved efficiencies resulting from the transformation project. Leveraging technology from HP and its partners to create 3-D graphics, clients experience a virtualized desktop in action using real-world engineering models and applications.

Engineering Cloud Feasibility Analysis aids clients in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, risks and constraints of a successfully executed transformation project using HP analysis of engineering processes, data center facilities, infrastructure, storage and networking.

Engineering Cloud Strategy and Business Case Service helps clients to articulate near- and long-term advantages of optimizing existing data centers or creating new ones to complete the transformation project. HP works with clients to develop a comprehensive business case and project roadmap that aligns IT with organizational goals, and determines overall projected costs.

HP’s new Cloud Security Alliance courses are intended to empower IT professionals with in-depth knowledge of cloud security risks, and what it takes to build a secure cloud infrastructure. As a result, the courses increase IT staff confidence in building a cloud infrastructure with reduced risk.

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