How IBM Spectrum Protect supports CenterGrid for new apps

IBM Spectrum Protect is supporting cloud infrastructure service providers like CenterGrid for new applications.

CenterGrid hosts software from Streetline, a smart parking company that has developed a mobile app that displays available parking spots on a Google map mash-up. Commuters can use a smartphone to find a parking lot, make the payment and find their car. Parking Enforcement staff can view expired and inoperable meters on a mobile map, which can improve staff efficiency and citizen compliance.

Smart parking is enabled through four-inch square (about 10cm) Streetline sensors fastened to the pavement that wirelessly send signals to transmission boxes mounted on light poles every few blocks, which then transmit the data to Streetline servers hosted in CenterGrid facilities. IBM infrastructure and services provided by CenterGrid, which include IBM Spectrum Protect for its Recovery Center cloud backup service, support the project.

“With IBM, we deliver IT infrastructures, services and expertise on a flexible pay-as-you go basis so that fast growing companies can focus their resources on innovation,” said Tim Campbell, president, CenterGrid. “With Spectrum Protect, we’re able to reduce cost and complexity of data protection. But most importantly, we’re confident we can recover data anytime.”
IBM Spectrum Accelerate
IBM Spectrum Protect storage software, a part of the IBM Spectrum Storage portfolio, can interface with many storage devices, provides a broad range of backup capabilities and can scale to multiple petabytes.

IT industry research agency Gartner has recognized IBM as a Leader in the June 15, 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances.

Gartner evaluated IBM Spectrum Protect, a data protection and recovery software, which is part of the company’s software defined storage portfolio.

IBM said Spectrum Protect optimizes backups for physical, virtual and cloud environments from a single management console and clients with hybrid cloud environment are looking for IBM Spectrum Protect.

It addresses data protection objectives for organizations and can open up opportunities for application designers, data owners and service providers in every industry to develop Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) applications without mastering data management, recovery or protection.

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