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Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said new services on Bluemix, its cloud development platform, are designed to help developers create analytics-driven cloud applications.

Developers can create cloud applications for mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain analytics and intelligent infrastructure solutions. They will be added to over 100 services already available in the Bluemix catalog, which includes complementary analytics tools from IBM such as those found in the recently unveiled IoT Zone and Watson Zone.

Since the launch of Bluemix with a $1 billion investment in 2014, the platform has become the largest Cloud Foundry deployment in the world.

Meanwhile, IBM is supporting the expansion of independent Cloud Foundry Dojo’s by establishing the first IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo, located in Raleigh, NC. The IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo will be a physical place open to all developers where IBM will help accelerate skills on the Cloud Foundry Code base and mentor developers to dramatically increase the number of code committers to Cloud Foundry.

IBM said it already has 12 Dojo graduates on its team, and a dedicated team of 9 developers to work on Cloud Foundry.
IBM also announced that developers across the U.S. cited IBM Bluemixas the most used platform-as-a-service (PaaS) in Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) new survey of usage and consideration for PaaS offerings.

According to ESG’s analysis of the survey results, Bluemix adoption is growing at a rate 10 times faster on average than the other leading vendors in the PaaS market – gaining two percentage points of penetration per month since entering beta in 2014.

IBM said its total cloud revenue covering public, private and hybrid engagements was $7.7 billion over the previous 12 months at the end of March 2015; it grew more than 60 percent in first quarter 2015. IBM’s cloud delivered as a service business, a subset of the total, includes PaaS.

Respondents in the survey were either using or currently evaluating a PaaS platform – or planned to do so within the next two years. Analyst firm IDC confirms this trend, saying that PaaS will be the fastest-growing area of the cloud market over the next three years.

The ESG survey asked 326 — 176 developers and 150 IT managers — about their use and evaluation of PaaS – with more than 80 percent of respondents working at an organization that has 500 employees or more.

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