How Cloud Computing can be beneficial for courier companies?

Nowadays in the business world, there are a lot of terms that are being used but one of the terms that need recognition is cloud computing because it is readily available and very much flexible, according to every business needs. One of the business industries where this concept is catching on is the courier and logistics industry.
technology in shipping and logisticsWhat is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc over the Internet or over the cloud to the companies. Companies who want to implement cloud computing into their business are provided these computing services by cloud providers who charge for the cloud computing services that they provide.

Cloud Computing isn’t a new idea, it has been all around us and we have been using it without even knowing it. For example, uploading photos to Dropbox or watching a movie on Netflix, these are all parts of cloud computing and these services are usable just because of cloud computing.

In the past few years, cloud computing has attracted interest from various logistics and courier companies from around the world and there are several reasons why cloud computing is suitable for courier and logistics companies. The benefits of Cloud Computing for Courier Companies are as under:

#1 Flexibility

For any business, whether it is a courier/logistics business or any other business, dedicated solutions need to be installed or hosted on the in-house server. Hosting these solutions on the in-house servers can not only take a lot of space but also the resources are limited and once those resources are depleted then you need to upgrade.

However, with cloud computing that is not required since you can easily host the solutions onto the remote cloud servers and most of the remote cloud servers offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space which allows the businesses to scale up or scale down their resources anytime they want to.

Plus, there is no need to purchase or install any equipment in your office since all of the solutions are installed directly onto the cloud servers and as long as the internet connection is available and working, anyone can access the data.

#2 Reliability

Businesses who invest in cloud computing and use them are guaranteed to have reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions because all the backups are made automatically on the cloud servers without having to make the backups manually on a physical device. Courier and Logistics companies have a lot of information about their customers and the parcels and where to deliver them.

In case there is a disaster or any unforeseen circumstance, the data can be easily recovered through the cloud servers. The cloud servers are designed in such a way that the stored data on them is mirrored across the other servers and in case one server fails, the data can be easily backed up from the other. Being able to function after a disaster, having minimal downtime and almost no loss of productivity is a blessing.

#3 Streamlined Collaboration

In this age of the digital world, supply chains are very complex and interdependent and for the proper functioning of your company and their businesses, streamlined collaboration is important. In supply chain business, transactions are being made simultaneously by multiple stakeholders and trading parties but there is not a proper connection between data, processes, and people.

Through cloud computing, all of the communications can be streamlined and done through a single platform that will allow all the companies to collaborate easily and work together for the flourishing of their business.

#4 Real-Time Delivery Status

For Courier and Logistics Companies, real-time driver status and real-time delivery status along with signature confirmation are very important to ensure that the parcels are delivered to their designated destinations, and through cloud computing, this is all made possible. Companies such as Emirates Post and eKart have successfully implemented these technologies and provide real-time delivery information to their customers so that the customers can get the latest updates about their parcel and when it will be delivered.

#5 Increased Efficiency

Many industries that use cloud computing salutations have benefited enormously from it and it has also resulted in increased efficiency for these industries. Let’s take the example of web hosting companies that rely on cloud computing technology to minimize the possibilities of getting downtime and providing a great experience to their customers.

The courier and logistics company can also take advantage of cloud computing and increase their efficiency by ensuring and providing the latest information to their customers that their parcel is delivered on time without any kind of delay.

#6 Improved Overall Communications

Through cloud computing technologies, courier companies can also provide the best customer support to their customers. Most courier companies have multiple offices in different locations and each office needs to have its own communication system to provide customer support to the customer. Through the Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, the overall communication system of the courier companies can be improved, and rather than having multiple phone systems with multiple providers in different locations, VoIP can provide a single package for multiple officer locations at a much lower cost, thus improving the communication system of the company.