Honda turns to NTT Com Cloud to strengthen supplier network

NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced that Honda Motor has selected its Enterprise Cloud service to strengthen global supplier network with faster and more secure file sharing.

Honda’s partnership with NTT Com started in 2013 with the delivery of cloud services from its delivery centers in Japan and Singapore.

Thanks to the partnership, Honda has increased its file-sharing speed by a factor of 14, while reducing operating costs by 30 percent on an annual basis.

Honda is currently planning to expand its use of Enterprise Cloud infrastructure in other key areas of its global business, the company said.
NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities to provide flexible support for critical enterprise applications.

Honda is now leveraging NTT Com’s cloud infrastructure for high-speed file transfers through Arcstar Universal One, NTT Com’s high-quality managed network service.  Honda also uses this infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency for related internal operations.

NTT Com’s infrastructure has also helped Honda standardize its global security policy in an integrated manner with Camellia file encryption, one of the world’s strongest encryption technologies, and the SSL communication encryption protocol.

NTTCom’sEnterpriseCloudSolutionforHondaHonda also benefits from a flexible cloud environment that is connected to NTT Com’s high-quality global network. NTT Com’s cloud infrastructure, provided from 11 delivery centers in 9 countries, has enabled Honda to deploy systems that are 90 percent faster and cost 30 percent less to operate than before.

“NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud solution has significantly strengthened and upgraded our global system for collaborative product development,” said Honda’s Mikiya Fujita, manager of System Service Division, Global Master Management Department.

“Their cloud infrastructure has enabled us to collaborate much more closely with our suppliers around the globe. We also have streamlined and standardized processes and increased security while slashing the cost and time of new system deployment,” Fujita added.

Honda has plans to migrate additional ICT infrastructure to NTT Com cloud, according to company officials.

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