Hitachi Consulting offers cloud framework to become “clickable enterprises”

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Hitachi Consulting announced the launch of a new cloud framework designed to enable clickable enterprise businesses.

The new enterprise cloud offering includes bundled infrastructure, software and services on subscription-based pricing.

The Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud capability is designed to bundle a company’s entire IT environment, whether on-premises or SaaS, their applications, integration to third-party systems, as well as managed services—as a single package—for one monthly price.

“Organizations can now purchase the infrastructure, software, deployment and management services, and ancillary solutions as a bundle from one source by way of subscription-based pricing,” said Jim Cole, Hitachi Consulting Senior Vice President, Cloud Solutions.

“We plan to deliver standardized modular offerings – think of them as building blocks – with fixed pricing. Think ‘small, medium and large offerings’, with the ability to tailor to each company’s unique needs.”

Hitachi Consulting Senior Vice President Phil Regnault is of the view that the proliferation of cloud technology and applications has made managing enterprise IT portfolios more complex.

“Our aim is help simplify the management of that portfolio and give our clients and their end users a consistent Hitachi Consulting Cloud Experience regardless of the underlying technology,” Regnault said.

Further, the company said it will showcase its Enterprise Cloud capabilities at Oracle OpenWord 2015.

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