Happiest Minds opens third facility to deliver smart, secure and connected experience to customers

Infotech Lead India: IT solutions provider Happiest Minds Technologies has unveiled its third facility – Smiles 3 – in Bangalore.

Happiest Minds, now celebrating the second anniversary, now has over 1100 employees spread across 20 locations globally. After the launch of the new facility, the company now has the capacity to accommodate additional 600 people.

“Our goal is to create an organization that offers technology solutions directly impacting our customers’ success,” said Vikram Gulati, CEO, Happiest Minds. “For us, the two foremost areas of differentiation are our focus on disruptive technology and innovation.”


Happiest Minds focuses on helping customers build Smart Secure and Connected experience by leveraging disruptive technologies like mobility, analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing and unified communications.

These solutions help enterprises implement omni channel strategies, manage structured and unstructured data and make real time decisions based on actionable insights, while ensuring security for data and infrastructure.

The company is building a strong organizational culture based on SMILES Values and Gratitude, a holistic wellness program addressing intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, customer and employee happiness surveys, building communities of excellence, officials at Happiest Minds said.

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