Halliburton taps IBM Cloud to run reservoir simulation software

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Halliburton, a service provider to the oil and gas industry, has made investment in IBM Cloud to run its reservoir simulation software to understand how oil and gas fields might behave under different development scenarios.

Halliburton uses large reservoir simulation models to help oil and gas companies select the right development strategy to maximize production from oil and gas fields. These decisions can involve billions of dollars for a large field.

Halliburton, using computing and the GPU features of the IBM Cloud, can run hundreds of simulation cases to forecast the possible behavior of oil and gas fields. Halliburton has the flexibility to scale up and upgrade to the latest hardware based on customer needs. Halliburton can switch from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure model, reduce costs, and accommodate business needs based on demand.

Steven Knabe, a director in Halliburton Consulting, said: “Using high performance computing of the IBM Cloud, we can run very detailed simulation models and evaluate a wide range of field development options, which translates into better field development plans for our clients and a competitive advantage for our business.”

Jim Comfort, CTO and general manager, Architecture, IBM Cloud, said: “The IBM Cloud platform was designed to support leaders like Halliburton as they build cognitive businesses at scale.”

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