Google wins tech deal from Kraft Heinz

Google announced a tech deal with Kraft Heinz Company for enhancing the food giant’s marketing strategy and business growth.
Google Cloud at IT trade show
Kraft Heinz will use Google technology to strengthen consumer relationships and engagement by delivering personalized content. The consumer packaged goods company will also use insights from its new data platform, named Kraft-O-Matic, to inform future innovation, product development, and business operations.

Kraft Heinz will utilize Google Cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to drive real-time insights from data to drive food innovations such as new flavors, new formulations, and new products, while also shortening time-to-market.

Kraft Heinz will be able to understand consumer behavior through insights from its privacy-centric customer data platform built on Google Cloud. Through insights driven by Google Cloud products, such as its BigQuery data warehouse product, Kraft Heinz will be able to use first-party data to personalize consumer experiences from call centers to in-store shopping.

“Google Cloud’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning helps brands leverage predictive analytics and data-driven insights to make better decisions in a matter of seconds, driving creative and media effectiveness,” said Giusy Buonfantino, Vice President, Consumer Packaged Goods at Google Solutions.

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