Google Cloud wins deal from Ubitus

Ubitus, a cloud streaming technology provider, has chosen Google Cloud as its primary cloud provider and will run the majority of its workloads onto Google Cloud.
Google Cloud businessUbitus’ GameCloud solution will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing developers better access to its cloud gaming technologies. Ubitus works with major game consoles and publishers to help game developers deliver content to players worldwide.

Ubitus will tap into Google Cloud’s global scale, GPU and VM resources, and expertise in data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve the quality and power of its streaming and on-demand services for the games industry and beyond —including offerings in fashion, real estate, and automotive verticals.

Ubitus’ GameCloud solution will be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, increasing support for content distribution globally.

Ubitus will leverage Google Cloud’s open infrastructure, enhanced cybersecurity protection, and expertise in data, AI and ML to further streamline cloud game distribution worldwide

“Working with Google Cloud, we will provide one of the most flexible and powerful streaming services to meet customers’ go-to-market strategies,” said Wesley Kuo, Founder and CEO, Ubitus. “Our partnership enables games to more easily distribute high-fidelity and interactive content globally across any device, including PC, mobile, tablet, IPTV, and VR/AR headsets.”

“As we looked to the future of cloud streaming for games at Google, we found that Ubitus’ robust offerings set a new bar for the games industry,” said Jack Buser, Director, Google Cloud for Games. “Our partnership with Ubitus further underscores Google Cloud’s commitment to powering live service games on any connected device.”

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