Google Cloud buys Cornerstone Technology targeting mainframe customers

Google Cloud recently announced the acquisition of Cornerstone Technology which will migrate customers’ mainframe workloads to Google Cloud.
Google Cloud at IT trade show
The company didn’t disclose the deal price.

“For decades, companies have relied on a mainframe architecture to run their mission-critical workloads, but it often holds developers back from taking advantage of new technologies that enable them to innovate more quickly,” Google said in a blog post.

“Cloud computing presents the opportunity to modernize your applications and your infrastructure, resulting in better capabilities and allocation of resources so your organization can focus on your core business.”

Google’s cloud business, which revealed its revenue for the first time in its fourth-quarter 2019 earnings, generated $8.92 billion in revenue in fiscal 2019, with $2.61 billion generated in the fourth quarter. That compares with 2018 revenue of $5.84 billion for the cloud business, with $1.71 billion generated in the fourth quarter of that year.

The latest acquisition will help Google’s cloud business modernize customers’ infrastructure and applications on Google Cloud, the company said in its blog post. It will be part of the Google’s cloud business’s professional services organization.

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