Florido Supermarket Chain Chooses Infor WMS to Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Infor, a leading industry cloud company, announced that El Florido, a prominent supermarket chain based in Baja California Norte, Mexico, has selected Infor WMS (Warehouse Management System) to enhance its supply chain operations.
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The solution will be implemented in collaboration with Infor partner Cerca Technology, a frontrunner in advanced technology solutions for supply chains in Latin America.

El Florido, specializing in the retail of meat-based products and groceries, aims to enhance store assortment times, increase fill rates, achieve complete inventory visibility, and provide effective sourcing support to its branches through this strategic initiative.

The supermarket chain began as a meat distributor and has since diversified its portfolio to include various product lines. This diversification facilitated the company’s expansion into multiple cities, leading to the establishment of up to 50 branches across the region.

In 2016, recognizing the need to manage growing inventory and logistics operations efficiently, the company established DFL Logistics, a logistics operator managing inventory for both groceries and perishable products across all branches.

However, with consistent growth, the need for a leading solution to digitize supply, demand planning, storage, and order delivery processes became apparent. Existing systems faced limitations and challenges, such as phantom inventory, transfer state codes, order filling difficulties, and complexities in measuring productivity within distribution centers. To overcome these challenges, the company sought an innovative WMS solution.

Through the partnership with Cerca Technology, Infor WMS will provide real-time information, aiding El Florido in accurately measuring processes and productivity, centralizing procedures, and offering greater flexibility in planning and managing customer orders. The implementation is expected to result in better control of cargo transport units (containers) and streamlined warehouse registration processes, from entry to unloading.

Misael Verduzco, Logistics Manager at DFL Logistics, emphasized the benefits of utilizing tools like WMS, citing automation, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and complexity reduction as key advantages.

Infor WMS is recognized for its ability to combine warehouse assortment with integrated labor management and analytics, contributing to reduced complexity and optimized operational execution. Alejandro Luna, Country Manager of Infor Mexico, emphasized the comprehensive benefits this solution would bring to El Florido’s distribution centers.

The implementation of Infor WMS marks the first step in El Florido’s digital transformation journey, aimed at achieving the performance and processes necessary for an integrated system supporting transportation management.

DFL Logistics, with over 210 employees, and the entire El Florido business group, employing around 3,500 people, are set to benefit from this transformation. El Florido operates two distribution centers, allocating 80 percent of the space to groceries and 20 percent to perishable products. The company manages a total of 2,500 SKUs in groceries and 120 SKUs in perishables, with a transport fleet consisting of 27 vehicles, 42 boxes, and 8 double-trailer equipment.