Faurecia selects IBM Cloud as part of digital transformation strategy

IBM Cloud for CIOsLeading automotive supplier Faurecia has selected IBM Cloud as part of its business transformation strategy to accelerate digital manufacturing.

With sales of €18.7 billion, Faurecia has 330 sites including 30 R&D centers, 100,000 employees in 34 countries.

Faurecia’s digital transformation is centered on generating and communicating data, including data on production quality and manufacturing processes, to drive efficiency and productivity, while making production processes more visible and controllable.

Faurecia has selected IBM to build a cloud solution to collect, manage and analyze data from every production machine across the company. Faurecia aims to reduce non-quality and better efficiency by using the capabilities of cloud and analytics.

IBM said data lake stores quality data from every product at different stages of the manufacturing cycle, in order to track product and process quality. The data lake enables Faurecia to capture and store data from its 300 manufacturing locations across 34 countries.

Faurecia will be using IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) to assess new insights about operation on-demand to improve machine productivity to scrap management.

Faurecia can analyze the data to determine factors that influence product and process quality by gathering data from every product at different stages of the manufacturing process, together with process data from production sensors and machinery and product traceability data.

Faurecia using this analysis can develop strategies to address quality issues, including machine configuration, production modification or tool replacement.

Faurecia will be using IBM PMQ connected to the data lake to improve machine productivity and reduce the scrap rate of its products by anticipating potential production issues.

“At the helm of our digital transformation is technology that can capture and analyze data to predict and prevent equipment failures, correct inefficiencies and increase productivity,” said Gregoire Ferre, Digital Transformation Project Director at Faurecia.

Meanwhile, IBM and Dell EMC announced an agreement to accelerate cloud adoption by providing Dell EMC’s customers access to VMware solutions on the IBM Cloud.

IBM has added Dell EMC infrastructure products into the IBM Cloud, and expands VMware solutions. Customers can now move workloads to the cloud while continuing to leverage the benefits of Dell EMC infrastructure and the VMware platform.

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