EFL Global Chooses Infor Nexus to Elevate Supply Chain Operations and Customer Service

Infor Nexus, a division of Infor and a global supply chain platform, announced a significant partnership with EFL Global, a renowned leader in international logistics and supply chain services.
Infor for enterprisesEFL Global is set to implement the Infor Nexus platform and become an integral part of its logistics service provider (LSP) community. The collaboration aims to harness the cutting-edge capabilities of Infor Nexus to optimize supply chain operations and enhance service offerings.

Infor Nexus stands as a multi-enterprise business network platform that streamlines the movement of goods, information, and capital across the entire supply chain spectrum, from origin to delivery and settlement. This integration empowers businesses to elevate overall supply chain efficiency, enhance on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, curtail costs, liberate working capital, and fortify partner relationships.

With the integration of Infor Nexus, EFL Global is poised to experience heightened visibility, insights, and collaboration throughout its expansive supply chain network. Real-time updates, accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), and community-generated data on the platform will equip EFL Global to furnish precise container event information, proactively anticipate industry disruptions, and drive cost efficiencies for its clients. Moreover, EFL Global will have access to Infor Nexus’ extensive network data spanning two decades, which will be harnessed through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to bolster predictive modeling capabilities.

“Infor Nexus network helps EFL Global provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services, enabling an end-to-end supply chain solution. The Infor Nexus network grants our clients comprehensive supply chain visibility, allowing them to optimize lead times, gain insights into industry disruptions, and reduce costs,” Erika Babcock, Senior Director of Order Management at EFL Global, said.

By harnessing the Infor Nexus platform, EFL Global can amalgamate status updates (milestones) from carriers and partners with real-time GPS location data to present a holistic view of shipment locations, destinations, and anticipated arrival times. Additionally, clients will benefit from the rich community data available on the network, which serves as an early warning system for potential issues like port delays, adverse weather conditions, labor disputes, and other factors impacting shipments.

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