Dell in pact with IIT Madras for Cloud research

Dell has joined hands with IIT Madras (IIT-M) for conducting research and development in next generation IT infrastructure and Cloud.

In a statement, Dell said it aims to leverage its Networking Centre and the talent ecosystem available in Chennai to strengthen research on the subject.

Cloud technologies are expected to play a key role in industry verticals such as telecom and healthcare.

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The partnership covers sponsoring of research projects and funding of research scholars working in areas that coincide with Dell Research objectives. Additionally, the partnership provides internship opportunities for IIT-M students to experience industry environment and work on key technology challenges, pursued by Dell Research.

“While innovation has always been at the core of Dell, we now want to focus on disruptive, futuristic technologies,” said Jai Menon, vice president, head of Research and chief research officer for Dell.

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