Dell launches desktop virtualization tool for government customers

Infotech Lead America: Dell has launched its Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government (DVS-Gov), a desktop virtualization tool for government customers.

Government agencies will benefit as this enterprise-class solution will offer the ability to power almost any device virtually anywhere, allowing government workers more flexibility.

Moreover, DVS-Gov allows customers to securely access information anywhere in the world to manage operations.

DVS-Gov ensures simple management for agencies requiring telework as well as greater overall mobility functions.

The Dell DVS-Gov solution enables secure mobility in a fully end-to-end validated technology stack. In conjunction with newly acquired Wyse technology, DVS-Gov helps federal agencies meet strict regulatory mandates for data access by meeting government certification and security standards.

In partnership with AppSense and ActivIdentity, DVS-Gov also gives government customers granular control over security and access policy which allows them to give their employees the freedom to securely access their work in more places with more devices.

“With IT becoming a vital tool government customers require to accomplish their mission, we at Dell are constantly looking for ways to empower these very important customers by giving them the flexibility they need – and DVS-Gov is a perfect example of that,” said Jere Carroll, general manager of civilian and intelligence agencies, Dell Federal.

Everyday many government and military customers face situations where they must quickly deploy and establish operations in non-traditional office settings. Dell helps to remove any of these barriers to adoption by offering a powerful solution that meets the strict compliance and security standards government customers require.

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