Dell company Quest Software launches Foglight for Windows Azure Applications

Infotech Lead America: Quest Software, a part of Dell, has launched Foglight for Windows Azure Applications, as well as the beta of Foglight for Cloud Cost Management.

Quest Software said both are available immediately via the new Foglight On-Demand platform.

This enhanced product offering, together with a new, currently free, cost management tool, enables developers to optimize the performance of applications built on the Windows Azure platform.

Foglight for Windows Azure Applications helps assure the performance and availability of applications built on the Windows Azure platform. The solution provides real-time data on the health of the application, together with actual end-user experience measurements.

The diagnostic and monitoring solution also offers quality of service insight that enables a deeper understanding of the application’s performance quality, especially when it is performing less optimally than intended.

Moreover, synthetic availability testing ensures 24/7 application availability by combining actual website page load times with internal Azure application performance assurance data to ensure a complete view of all aspects of the application service delivery.

Real user monitoring enables developers and DevOps specialists to determine how many visitors the application is supporting, where users are coming from, and what browsers/devices they are using, so they can tailor and improve appeal accordingly.

Transaction analysis provides the capability to track which transactions take longest, which are the most common, which consume the most time overall, and which have the greatest negative impact on a user’s experience. This enables developers to pinpoint where to focus efforts to improve the user experience.

Application and infrastructure health enables developers to identify problems with the Azure infrastructure or the application, and receive warnings if there are issues that have the potential to affect end users. In addition, developers also can receive alerts on issues that already are impacting end users.

“For large enterprises, these new solutions provide the assurance that when they are ready to leverage cloud platforms, or look to use SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM), Quest will be there to support them,” said Steve Rosenberg, general manager, Performance Monitoring Business Unit, Quest Software.

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