How Dell Boomi assisted Cornell University to modernize IT strategy

Dell Boomi for business agilityDell Boomi announced that its cloud-based integration platform has assisted Cornell University to modernize its IT strategy.

Cornell University, which has 9,000 faculty and staff members and more than 21,000 students, was utilizing outdated administrative system interconnect technology in its business and student offices across the university.

Cornell began its cloud-first strategy with a Workday implementation and selected Boomi as a core technology to provide an integration solution that offered faster time to market, at a lower cost and with easier long-term maintenance.

Cornell benefitted:

# Increased innovation as developers move from primarily spending time maintaining applications to developing projects that drive business value

# A move to Amazon web services (AWS) for a majority of administrative systems, reducing costs

# Faster implementation of best of breed applications like Workday, Concur and Longview

# Reduced support costs because integrations are more stable and easier to understand

# Established certified Dell Boomi developers within four months, which could have otherwise taken years

Dell Boomi enabled Cornell to modernize its IT strategy and improve its applications like Workday, while easily managing its current on premise applications.

“Cornell had a lot of legacy, on premise applications that were difficult and expensive to maintain. Boomi helped us modernize both our strategy and our move to cloud-based, applications with much more streamlined and simple upgrade paths,” said John Parker, Software Engineer IV at Cornell University.

Chris Port, COO at Dell Boomi, said the company’s partnership with Cornell through cloudification initiative enabled their strategy, simplify their technology, help them spend less time on support and transform their organization.

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