CTERA offers support for Cisco

CTERA Networks announced multi-tier support for Cisco offerings to enable Cisco customers to transform IT-as-a-Service delivery and enable secure file and data protection services from the core of the enterprise to the edge of the network.

The CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform transforms IT organizations worldwide into service providers by bridging cost-effective object storage and public cloud storage into a secure, scalable and simple-to-deploy suite of data services, the company said.

CTERA’s mobile collaboration tools and storage gateway products support enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), end-point backup and remote office or branch office (ROBO) file storage.

CTERA’s Cloud Storage Gateway virtual appliance is now installable on the new Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) 4000 via Cisco’s ISR 4000.

The Cloud Storage Gateway can create an intelligent branch and remote office router and storage server that combine routing services and LAN speed file and backup storage with hybrid cloud disaster recovery.

The ISR 4000 enables ROBO infrastructure consolidation and increased ease of management and savings.

CTERA also supports Cisco OpenStack Private Clouds which enables organizations to manage and store data on Cisco OpenStack private cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, CTERA has joined Cisco Intercloud partner ecosystem that is pioneering a worldwide network of interconnected clouds to enable the next generation of hybrid cloud infrastructure and standardized cloud applications.

The ecosystem includes cloud providers, technology partners and cloud resellers, as well as cloud builders such as CTERA partners BT and Portugal Telecom, to leverage CTERA and Cisco technology to enable the IT-as-a-Service transformation.

Shilpa Khatri

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