CSC unveils new self-service portal for cloud users

Infotech Lead America: CSC has unveiled a new self-service portal for its cloud subscribers to ease management of CSC cloud services.

CIOs will benefit as they can empower IT and non-IT staff to utilize the cloud across an enterprise.

The CSC cloud portal’s easy-to-navigate interface allows users to provision, onboard and manage CSC cloud services from a single dashboard without needing to develop the technical skills.

“With this portal as the gateway to the CSC Cloud, we are leveraging the CA Technologies cloud management stack to enable end users to manage cloud projects independently, without the need to develop the technical expertise or rely on an IT administrator to allocate, subscribe and start or stop cloud services,” said Eli Almog, CTO, CSC Cloud Services.

By logging in to a secure account, users can select services from CSC’s catalog, ramp up and manage cloud projects through dashboards, and apply the appropriate levels of cyber security protection to cloud workloads by selecting from CSC’s managed cybersecurity services.

CSC has integrated CA Technologies tools including, CA Automation Suite for Clouds, CA Nimsoft Monitor and CA SiteMinder, to build the new portal. CA Automation Suite for Clouds provides the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver cloud services.

In addition, CA Nimsoft Monitor provides monitoring capabilities, allowing users to view server performance data and the availability of cloud capacity. CA SiteMinder bolsters the cyber security of the portal. Users can log in to all of their CSC cloud accounts using a single sign-on.

“Providing a self-service utility to end-users for accessing cloud, what may be described as the ‘IT vending machine’ model, is entirely possible so long as it is underpinned by a single, self-service portal,” said William Fellows, research vice president, 451 Group.


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