Columbia Asia taps Microsoft for cloud-ready solutions

Microsoft Azure
Columbia Asia, a healthcare group, has tapped Microsoft to build cloud ready hospital management system.

The healthcare solutions being created in association with Microsoft are capable of enhancing patient safety and driving operational efficiency. Columbia Asia is currently using its proprietary hospital management system called Care21.

The new solution will enable healthcare professionals to gain more visibility into patient information, build more collaborative teams, and deliver better patient care. The cloud-ready solution would free the hospital from IT infrastructure management, allowing them to focus on patient experience and care delivery, said Microsoft.

The solution – supported by Microsoft Azure’s virtualization capabilities — is aimed to empower the business to meet emergent demands for an interconnected chain of hospitals.

“When it comes to extending the benefits of next generation technology with quality healthcare for the wellbeing of patients, a sound architecture and cloud will go a long way,” said Preeti Das, director, Microsoft Services.

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