Cloud9 launches Sales Reports and Dashboards


Jim Burleigh, chief executive officer of Cloud9


Infotech Lead America: Cloud9, a provider of cloud business intelligence for sales, has launched Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards.

The company said Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards can be accessed on-line or delivered automatically to its customers.

Cloud9’s Sales Reports and Dashboards delivers a range of sales reports – including those reports that are difficult to get from the CRM system.

Moreover, Cloud9 delivers a library of pre-defined reports, or users can create any type of customized sales report or dashboard. Reports include a complete history of every bit of sales data a customer cares to track.

As part of the Cloud9 Sales Performance Suite, Sales Reports and Dashboards leverages the single data warehouse Cloud9 pulls from corporate CRM, financial and incentive compensation systems, as well as other data records to provide secure historical and operational reporting with frequent refreshes and snapshots.

“It’s a cumbersome process of knitting together data from separate corporate systems, which requires hours of administrative and management time better spent on focusing on future deals. Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards simplifies the reporting process to put the historical information sales leaders need to make the right decisions to identify risk in the pipeline and to deliver on the forecast,” said Jim Burleigh, chief executive officer of Cloud9.

Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards is built on the Cloud9 analytics platform and takes advantage of Cloud9’s technology for storing and analyzing the full history of data from multiple sources. Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards incorporates Cloud9’s unique tools for seeing historical trends in sales data into a reporting product.

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