Cloud Cruiser launches AWS product enhancements

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Hybrid cloud analytics software provider Cloud Cruiser announced the release of Amazon Web Services (AWS)-specific product enhancements.

The company said the new offering is designed to enable customers to maximize the value of their public cloud investments. It added that the addition of the CloudWatch collector via API integration in addition to new Reserved Instance (RI) reporting capabilities extend the reach of the current offerings by providing enhanced AWS metering capabilities.

“Cloud providers, both public and private, are recognizing the value added when customer usage is clearly understood,” said Deirdre Mahon, CMO of Cloud Cruiser. “When the customer can easily see what services have been consumed by whom in the organization, confidence in the bill accuracy increases. This confidence extends to the provider as well, in the form of concrete metrics which prove out the value and of course additional investment.”

Cloud Cruiser also released the results of a Dimensional Research survey of IT professionals. According to the survey, 79 percent of the participants are pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy and one third will grow cloud services by more than 50 percent in the coming year.

The surveyed people pointed out lack of usage visibility and cost transparency as key problem areas they face. They added that these issues call for new, flexible and easy to use solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings and a way to show business users exactly what services are being consumed.

Of the 79 percent deploying hybrid clouds, Cloud Cruiser said, the majority of those running AWS already have other clouds today, including private and public clouds from other vendors. However, most of the respondents reported frustration with the inability to control cloud consumption and allocate costs to the proper business users within their organization.

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