Cloud computing market in the education sector

Cloud computing market in education sectorCloud computing market in the education sector will grow at a CAGR of more than 26 percent during , according to Technavio.

Reduced cost of ownership, growing usage of learning analytics and increasing adoption of mobile learning are contributing to the growth of the cloud computing market in the education sector.

The rising use of cloud services allows educational institutes to invest reasonably in supporting and maintaining the infrastructure to provide quality education. Cloud computing allows schools and colleges to upgrade their existing infrastructure with the latest technologies, without increasing their capital costs.

Educational institutes can also reduce expenses of staff including IT resources at higher rate.

“Cloud computing reduces the overall cost of ownership and improves staff productivity. The use of cloud-based resources in education helps all the stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, and faculties by providing access to several learning avenues and possibilities for students, in turn enhancing the learning experience,” said Jhansi Mary, a lead analyst at Technavio for education technology research.

Cloud-based learning analytics help educators in analyzing pupil activities by tracking the digital footprints of students. Using cloud-based learning analytics, teachers are improvising on teaching methodologies by integrating modern technologies such as blended learning and collaborative learning.

Various educational institutes across the globe are adopting mobile learning due to the penetration of mobile devices such as iPods, smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, Kindle, and others in modern classrooms.

Adoption of BYOD policies and strong IT infrastructure in advanced economies, including the US and the UK, is allowing students to carry their mobile devices to classrooms, thus enhancing the learning experience for both students and trainers. Cloud computing plays a key role in data sharing that takes place in the classrooms.

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