Citrix launches CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0

Infotech Lead America: Citrix has launched CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0, a cloud services delivery platform.

The new cloud platform enables enterprises and service providers to unify the commerce, user management, provisioning and operational aspects of a cloud into a single cloud interface for delivering anything as a service (XaaS).

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 allows cloud builders to transform general purpose cloud infrastructures into consumable business services, shifting the role of IT from gatekeeper to strategic cloud services broker by enabling an agile IT-as-a-Service model.

According to Citrix, operating a cloud as a business, internally or externally, can be a difficult task without the right set of tools to connect cloud services to business operations and end-users.

With CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0, businesses can move their cloud services strategy beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to include applications, workloads and services with a powerful platform for metering, managing and delivering them to users via a simple, self-service catalog.

Administrators can also leverage the newly available SDKs and APIs for CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 to offer best-of-breed third-party or in-house cloud services that seamlessly integrate with existing business and operations systems.

Sameer Dholakia, group VP and GM, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix, said: “Designed in close partnership with Citrix CloudPlatform customers around the world, CloudPortal Business Manager is empowering cloud builders to integrate offerings into their existing business operations and ensure a seamless end-user self-service experience.”

Caringo has integrated its enterprise class object storage with CloudPortal Business Manager and worked with Citrix to ensure organizations can provide a scalable and easy to manage cloud storage service with just a few clicks.

Mark Goros, CEO, Caringo, said: “Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager delivers a solution that allows providers to rapidly deploy new services which their customers can easily select, purchase and use.”


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