Citrix cloud customers gain 50% productivity using GoToAssist

Citrix announced its customers are getting up to 50 percent productivity gains by using its cloud-based integrated support toolset, GoToAssist.

The company has also shared some of the customer feedbacks. See below.

The GoToAssist toolset combines Remote Support, Service Desk and IT Monitoring to simplify IT support and deliver better customer service experiences.

To recognize the product’s one-year debut, the company is offering a free 60-day trial of GoToAssist Service Desk.

According to a recent survey conducted by Citrix, GoToAssist customers reported increases in productivity ranging from 30 to 50 percent, with nearly all respondents (more than 90 percent) reporting significant work day efficiencies using one, two, or all product modules.


“Productivity improvement is one of the primary reasons customers choose GoToAssist, and the best validation has been the amazing customer feedback we have heard in just the first 12 months,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, VP/GM IT Support and Access Lines of Business, SaaS Division, Citrix.

These gains included supporting 50 percent or more new users; reducing the number of software installs at remote offices by 70 percent; and reducing the number of support requests by 60-75 percent through improving self-service capabilities.

Top reasons for choosing Service Desk included better support for growing workforces, need for an integrated solution, and preference for an easy-to-use, intuitive tool, the survey said.

Using GoToAssist Service Desk and its knowledge-base capability, Cogiscan reduced the number of support requests by 60-75 percent by enabling our customers and partners to solve many issues through self service and find answers to questions on their own.

“We’ve also reduced support response times by 50 percent through better documentation and tracking. We don’t think we could live without GoToAssist Service Desk,” said André Corriveau, co-president, Product Management, Cogiscan.

“With the efficiencies that GoToAssist Service Desk provides, I anticipate revenue growth exceeding 300 percent this year alone, while keeping my costs fairly static,” said Mike Simpkins, systems engineer, Rock Creek Solutions.

According to Everything Tech, GoToAssist has saved Everything Tech hundreds of hours of time and increased response time by 50 percent.

Solar Transport says GoToAssist assisted the company to support over 50 percent more users and have been able to reduce new software installs at the remote offices by 70 percent.

“With Service Desk, the team can track cases by user and by support representative. We can monitor the status of inquiries using an assigned ticket number. Integration with Remote Support makes it easy to launch a session from Service Desk,” said Jason Jones, information technology manager, Solar Transport.

M L P Holdings used GoToAssist Service Desk and reduced 30 minutes to one hour off, on average, for every request.

“The integration of GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk also provides the flexibility to open a ticket and then launch a support session, or the reverse,” said Thomas Papantonis, President, MLP Technologies – M L P Holdings.

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