Citrix ByteMobile available on 7 -Series Adaptive Traffic Management System

Citrix announced the release of ByteMobile 7 with more than 25 new features and dozens of feature enhancements.

The software powers the company’s solutions for mobile network operators, Citrix said. It builds on Citrix’s advances such as User Experience Indexing (UXI) to provide operators with unprecedented ability to use subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) as a service differentiator.

UXI technology allows operators to monitor, measure and score an individual subscriber’s experience based on factors that actually affect that experience. Typical network metrics offer little insight into a subscriber’s level of satisfaction with the service they’re receiving, especially when it comes to video.

The software provides new and enhanced tools to manage the unrelenting growth of mobile video and data, including the industry’s first Internet radio traffic management capability.

ByteMobile 7 is available now for deployment on the T-Series Adaptive Traffic Management System.

The T-Series Adaptive Traffic Management System combines functions such as caching, application delivery, deep packet inspection (DPI), video and Web optimization, policy control and reporting and analytics into a single centrally managed element.

The advantage of this system is that it enables mobile operators to manage data traffic on a massive scale and to consolidate multiple network elements into one.


Since its initial rollout, the T-Series has been deployed in mobile networks on four continents, including several Tier 1 networks.

These networks collectively serve nearly 130 million subscribers and process more than a petabyte of subscriber data traffic daily.

By providing the tools needed to meet subscribers’ rising expectations, ByteMobile 7 allows these and other operators to better ensure a great subscriber experience—and to use it as a competitive differentiator.

“With ByteMobile 7, Citrix presciently anticipates the rapidly changing device, application and protocol landscapes and, more importantly, equips operators with the tools they need to differentiate and drive new business on the basis of a better subscriber experience,” said Joe Hoffman, practice director, ABI Research.

“Underpinning this is a platform, technology and integration expertise that reinforces the Citrix delivery of next generation mobile network architectures,” Hoffman added.

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