Citrix acquires Framehawk

Citrix has acquired Framehawk.

The integration of the Framehawk solution, which optimizes the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to mobile devices, with Citrix HDX technology will further extend the Citrix leadership position in application and desktop virtualization user experience.

Citrix acquires Framehawk

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise and Service Provider division at Citrix, said: “With enterprises increasingly enabling mobility for their employees, the ability to deliver apps and desktops with the best user experience to any of the billions of devices on the market is of paramount importance.”

Citrix claims that competing solutions cause end-user frustration and low adoption. On the other hand, HDX technologies improve the experience for mobile workers since it has the ability to address the wide range of challenging network scenarios that are common in today’s mobile workplace.

Mobile workers need anywhere, anytime access to their business resources with a user experience that is equal to what they have in the office. The Citrix HDX technologies in XenApp and XenDesktop combine to deliver a high definition experience to users of any application, on any device and over any network.

Since mobile users adopting tablets and smartphones, it is critical to ensure better virtual application and desktop user experience on Wi-Fi and cellular networks where quality may be intermittent or poor due to congestion, high packet loss and high latency.

Citrix did not share financial details of the acquisition.

As per the agreement, Framehawk’s leadership and engineering teams will be integrated into the Enterprise and Service Provider division of Citrix.

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