Cisco retains leadership in cloud infrastructure market

Cisco has maintained its leadership position in the cloud infrastructure equipment market in Q2 2013 after taking over pole position for the first time in the previous quarter.

IBM, which was the long-time leader, has shown some improvement in the quarter from its historic low it saw in Q1, but not by enough to close the gap with Cisco.

Another leader, HP saw its share sliding to just over 14 percent.

Total quarterly revenues from cloud infrastructure once again passed the $10 billion milestone, after a decline in the previous quarter, according to Synergy Group. Total revenues for the quarter were $10.1 billion, 6 percent up sequentially and marginally up on the second quarter of 2012.

On a rolling four quarterly basis, annual growth has dropped off a little to 2%.

Cisco 5

Computing system’s share of total cloud infrastructure equipment revenues nudged up to 47% in the quarter, while networking accounted for a quarter of total revenues and storage 22%. The balance of the market consists of cloud management and SaaS application licenses, the report said.

Synergy Research forecasts that there will be continued steady market growth for data center generally and for cloud infrastructure specifically.

The research agency also predicts the mix of spend will trend slowly away from computing systems and towards storage and networking. This presents an extra challenge for IBM and HP in combating Cisco’s leadership.

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