CIOs under pressure due to increasing complexity of the cloud

Business impacts of increasing complexity of data across cloudNetApp 2023 Cloud Complexity Report reveals that 98 percent of senior IT leaders have been impacted by increasing cloud complexity, which can lead to poor IT performance, loss of revenue, and barriers to business growth.

The report aims to understand how technology decision-makers are managing cloud requirements driven by digital transformation and AI initiatives.

As per the report, 88 percent of technology executives are facing barriers while working across multiple cloud environments, and 32 percent are struggling to align on a clear vision at the leadership level.

Nearly eight in ten tech executives in APAC cited ESG outcomes as critical to their cloud strategy. Additionally, 84 percent of tech executives in the region said that their cloud strategy is already expected to show results across the organization. Finally, three out of four tech executives in APAC said their multi-cloud strategy is driven by data sovereignty requirements.

Top challenges in optimizing a multicloud environment

In the Asia Pacific region, the top business impacts due to increasing data complexity are increased skepticism over cloud from leadership, staff not taking full advantage of business applications, increased cybersecurity risk, and lack of visibility into business operations. Different regions have different top concerns if data complexity is not managed, including cybersecurity, leadership skepticism, inefficient use across the organization, and lack of visibility.

Expectations for ROI on cloud

Tech executives are under pressure to show results from their cloud strategies, with ROI being a major concern. Sustainability has become a key driver, with 80 percent of executives in the APAC region saying cloud systems are developed with sustainability goals in mind. Cost concerns often come up in cloud strategy discussions, and local regulations promoting multicloud strategies are on the rise.

In APAC, 86 percent of tech executives are expected to show results across the organization, and the pressure to show ROI is highest in India and Singapore. Finally, three out of four tech executives in the APAC region say their multicloud strategy is driven by data sovereignty requirements.

According to the report, tech executives are considering AI-driven applications as a possible solution, with over a third expecting half or more of their cloud deployments to be supported by AI in the next year. However, challenges remain in scaling AI and meeting regulatory compliance.

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