CenturyLink acquires Orchestrate to enhance Cloud platform

CenturyLink has acquired Orchestrate, a provider of managed database service for application development, to enhance its Cloud platform with new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) capabilities.

As part of the acquisition strategy, CenturyLink will add Orchestrate’s data services team to its Product Development and Technology organization.

The acquisition will also enable CenturyLink to address the demand of its enterprise customers to meet the performance, scalability and agile development needs of large-scale big data analytics.

Glen F. Post, III , chief executive officer and president of CenturyLink, said: “The Orchestrate database service’s ease of use and ability to support multiple database technologies have emerged as key differentiators that we are eager to offer our customers through the CenturyLink Cloud platform.”


Orchestrate provides managed NoSQL databases to save organizations the headaches of running their own instances. Orchestrate provides full-text search, time series, graph and key-value storage through a single, simple API that combines the developer-friendliness of NoSQL databases with the reliability of distributed databases.

Orchestrate co-founders Antony Falco, chief executive officer, and Ian Plosker, chief technology officer, as well as Dave Smith, vice president of engineering, are among those joining CenturyLink.

CenturyLink recently acquired Cognilytics, a provider of advanced predictive analytics and big data solutions. The company also acquired DataGardens for disaster recovery services.

CenturyLink also launched Hyperscale  cloud server instances designed for web-scale workloads, big data and cloud-native applications.

Baburajan K
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