CeBIT 2014: ZTE to bring ZTEd mobile education solution

Chinese ICT vendor ZTE will introduce ZTEd mobile education solution at CeBIT 2014.

ZTE claims that ZTEd mobile education solution  is designed to address education sector’s needs for smart classrooms.

ZTEd mobile education solution incorporates education content, methodology and information tools. It integrates the education cloud platform, interactive class system, micro video courseware production toolkit and mobile learning applications to provide a one-stop learning experience.

Education system will benefit as the ZTEd provides a better teaching experience for teachers and a better learning experience for students by supporting both one-to-one digital learning and inquiry-based learning.

Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE

Through the big data analysis of teaching and learning behavior, it pushes resources y to people who need them, helps education administrators make decisions, provides guidance for students and teachers, enables results–based management and helps drive teacher-student, teacher-teacher and student-student interactions.

“ZTE’s mobile education solution based on the Cloud-Pipe-Terminal model – lifts the restrictions of time and space on education services, supports ubiquitous and interactive learning, alleviates the problems caused by insufficient education resources and their uneven distribution, achieves education for all-round development, and improves teacher and education quality,” said Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE.

ZTE’s education solution has already been deployed in 11 countries including Turkey and China, and has achieved good social results.

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