CDNetworks sets up another Point of Presence in Hyderabad

Infotech Lead Asia: CDNetworks has set up Point of Presence (PoP) in Hyderabad, India.

The company already has PoPs in Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, benefiting websites and ecommerce transactions across India.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) says the number of Internet users in India is expected to nearly triple from 125 million in 2011 to 330 million by 2016.

21 percent of India’s online buyers purchased air travel and the next highest online purchases were for PCs, mobile devices, and other electronics. India’s online consumers also use the internet for research on cars and large appliances.

Several of CDNetworks’ car manufacturing customers and ecommerce sites, including iOffer, receive major traffic from India.

“India is an important market for our customers. We are seeing growth in ecommerce, gaming, media, and travel booking sites reaching India’s consumers,” said Jeff Kim, president & COO, CDNetworks.

A Google India and TNS Australia study published earlier this year stated that online travel sites are the gateway for India consumers beginning to shop online.

CDNetworks travel booking sites, including Hostelworld, RailEurope and Transhotel, are using CDNetworks to accelerate their sites in India.

Francisco Javier Diéguez, Architecture and Infrastructure Manager of Transhotel, said: “CDNetworks helps us ensure that our booking engine performs well throughout the globe and in high growth emerging markets.”

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