Partners with Google Cloud to Integrate Generative AI and Data Analytics, Revolutionizing Healthcare Management unveiled a transformative collaboration with Google Cloud, integrating Google’s generative AI and data analytics tools into its innovative Smart Care Facility Platform. The partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare facility management, advance patient care, and pave the way for predictive, smart care facilities.
Google Cloud businessThe healthcare sector is grappling with a severe and growing problem — a shortage of clinicians coupled with an increasing administrative burden. Administrative costs surged by a staggering 30 percent, reaching $60 billion annually in 2022 (CAQH). Additionally, a Mercer report predicts a significant shortage of over 3.2 million frontline healthcare workers, including medical assistants, home health aides, and nursing assistants, within the next five years in the United States.’s platform stands as a promising solution to alleviate these challenges and improve patient care by seamlessly incorporating Google Cloud’s generative AI tools. Leveraging Google Cloud’s gen AI tools, including Vertex AI, and analytics and business intelligence products BigQuery and Looker,’s Smart Care Facility Platform endeavors to reduce administrative burdens, mitigate staffing shortages, and enable clinicians to allocate more time towards direct patient care across 1,500 acute and post-acute facilities already utilizing’s platform.

As the technology matures and becomes more integrated, acute and post-acute facilities will transition into continuously learning environments. The platform will utilize’s Ambient Intelligent Sensors to deliver real-time ambient data to clinical and operational teams, enhancing patient safety and experiences. Moreover, the platform will assist in creating vital documentation such as discharge summaries, call summaries, and recommend templates, optimizing workflows, and improving predictive process adherence and resource allocation for timelier responses.

Chakri Toleti, CEO of, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in moving towards the vision of predictive smart care facilities, shifting away from the reactive care model. He highlighted the potential of gen AI and ambient intelligence as powerful assistive technologies, propelling healthcare into a safer, smarter, and more efficient era.

Roberta Schwartz, Chief Innovation Officer at Houston Methodist, echoed the sentiment, underscoring the positive impact of Ambient Intelligent Virtual Nursing on reducing administrative burdens and enhancing patient care.

Neal Patel, Chief Informatics Officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, emphasized the future-forward potential of real-time awareness and virtualized workflows to enhance patient safety and deliver personalized, patient-centric service.

In this collaboration, is also utilizing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search, empowering Smart Care Teams with real-time information retrieval and state-of-the-art natural language processing capabilities.

Aashima Gupta, Global Director of Healthcare Strategy and Solutions for Google Cloud, commended’s commitment to delivering an intuitive and efficient care environment. She emphasized that by assisting nurses with relevant information, is not only enhancing patient care but also reimagining what’s possible in a world with limited healthcare resources.

At HLTH23, and Google Cloud are showcasing the Smart Care Facility Platform and Always Aware Ambient Sensors alongside Google Cloud’s gen AI tools, providing a glimpse into the future of healthcare.