Brother OmniJoin Private Cloud delivers on-premise conferencing

Brother International, a provider of business technology solutions, announced the availability of OmniJoin Private Cloud, an on-premise web and video conferencing solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

With OmniJoin Private Cloud, businesses can adhere to their corporate security and compliance standards by utilizing their own network and security certificates to optimize performance and encrypt communications.

The solution also automatically controls software updates and upgrades and does not require any special hardware for installation or operation, making implementation and maintenance painless and easy, the company said.

The solution is ideal for businesses looking to implement a secure conferencing solution without making a large upfront investment in expensive new hardware. The solution can optimize and control the meeting experience by utilizing businesses’ own servers, bandwidth and networks.

Another advantage of this solution is that it helps meet various compliance standards. The solution leverages advanced administration tools to assign multiple administrators, access enterprise level reports and dashboards, implement single sign-on, and provide directory integration.

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