Bellevue University selects Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Bellevue University has selected Oracle Managed Cloud Services to meet current and potential student needs and reduce technology maintenance costs.

Oracle Managed Cloud Services will also assist the non-profit university in Bellevue, Nebraska to cost effectively increase opportunities for students while complying with the state and federal government regulations.

Oracle has allowed Bellevue to increase educational opportunities for both on-campus and remote students and benefit from a robust, cost-effective, secure and highly available enterprise application framework.

Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Ed Jarecki, assistant vice president, enterprise IT application services, Bellevue University, said: “Oracle Managed Cloud Services have enabled us to meet critical business goals by delivering a robust, secure and highly available enterprise application framework.”

As part of the cloud deal, Bellevue University is using Oracle Applications Managed Cloud Service to host and manage its Oracle PeopleSoft Applications, Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Database 12c solutions.

The University improved connectivity between systems to eliminate technology silos and expand financial aid, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities.

With Oracle Managed Cloud Services supporting its Oracle PeopleSoft Applications, Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Database 12c solutions, Bellevue has been able to better meet current and potential student needs and reduce technology maintenance costs.

The integrated infrastructure has also enabled Bellevue to free IT resources to focus on strategic business needs and simplify patching processes to better support compliance with state and federal regulations.

Bellevue has automated 80 percent of its financial aid process, which reduced the award schedule from up to 17 weeks to less than two days.

By utilizing Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications Portal, Bellevue was able to unify and streamline a large portfolio of systems used by staff, including financial management and business intelligence applications, with optimal uptime, security and stability.

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