AWS India Interim Head Vaishali Kasture Steps Down

Vaishali Kasture, the interim country head for commercial business at Amazon Web Services (AWS) India and South Asia, has reportedly resigned from her position, marking her departure merely seven months after assuming the role from her predecessor Puneet Chandok.
AWS event for CIOsAccording to reports from TechCrunch citing inside sources, Vaishali Kasture’s resignation comes amidst significant shifts in leadership within AWS India. This departure follows Puneet Chandok’s unexpected exit, who subsequently assumed a key role at rival Microsoft India.

This departure arrives on the heels of Amazon’s ambitious plans announced less than a year ago, aiming to invest a colossal $12.7 billion in constructing cloud infrastructure within India by 2030. Additionally, the tech giant anticipated contributing over $23 billion to the country’s GDP by the same year.

Vaishali Kasture, with approximately five years of experience at Amazon, was appointed as the interim leader for commercial business in AWS India and South Asia in June. However, the exact reasons behind her decision to step down remain undisclosed.

In a LinkedIn post published just two weeks prior to her resignation, Vaishali Kasture had expressed optimism about the growth trajectory and potential of AWS in India. She highlighted the company’s planned investments exceeding $16.4 billion by 2030, aiming to contribute significantly to India’s GDP. Vaishali Kasture also emphasized AWS’s commitment to fostering talent and skill development, boasting a track record of having trained over four million individuals in India through various educational programs.

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