AWS adds new Edge locations in Hyderabad and New Delhi

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added two new Edge locations in Hyderabad and New Delhi for Amazon CloudFront and AWS Direct Connect as part of the strategy to add more clients.
AWS event for CIOsThe total number of Amazon CloudFront locations in India will increase to 11 Points of Presence across Mumbai (three), New Delhi (three), Chennai (two), Hyderabad (two), and Bengaluru (one).

Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 166 Points of Presence (including 155 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries.

The new Amazon CloudFront locations double Amazon’s content delivery network (CDN) capacity in the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region by enabling more ISP peering, increased processing of viewer requests, and the ability to cache content locally.

The new locations provide low latency and high data transfer rates to AWS customers who will be able to deliver dynamic and static web content to end users.

AWS Direct Connect makes it easy for customers to establish a network connection from their data centers to AWS Cloud, reducing their network costs, increasing bandwidth throughput, and providing a more consistent network experience.

Connections are made to a particular Direct Connect location, and can run at either 1 or 10 Gbps (billions of bits per second), or through an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Partner to connect at speeds less than 1 Gbps.

With AWS Direct Connect, customers can connect to all their AWS resources in any global AWS Region and transfer their mission-critical data directly between their data centers and AWS Cloud. AWS Direct Connect in Delhi and Hyderabad can be accessed through APN Partner ST Telemedia.

“Our investment in growing the Amazon CloudFront and AWS Direct Connect footprint in India is a result of the strong customer momentum we are seeing for content delivery services,” said Navdeep Manaktala, head of Business Development, Amazon Internet Services.

Vipin Shirsat, vice president – Sales and Marketing, ST Telemedia, said: “These new AWS Direct Connect locations accelerate Indian enterprises and businesses in their move to AWS Cloud.”

PowerSportz, a digital sports channels on the Internet with an average of 1 million video views per day, is one of the customers of AWS.

Kanthi D Suresh, editor-in-chief of PowerSportz, said: “We are now gearing up for more traffic to hit the channel, and Amazon CloudFront allows us to provide uninterrupted viewer experience even during our biggest and most-watched events.”

Kitsune is a full-stack application development framework from NowFloats that compiles application logic to serverless architecture components on the cloud within minutes. The platform processes approximately 500 million requests per month.

Ronak Samantray, founder of NowFloats, said: “Amazon CloudFront is the first layer for incoming requests when deploying an event-driven, serverless computing platform like AWS Lambda, and with more Amazon CloudFront Edge locations, our customers will experience faster service delivery for their applications.”

Cloud Kinetics is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider, serving some of the largest media organizations in India, as well as large enterprises, with digital asset management, providing proprietary integrated media delivery and cloud asset management platforms. Karthik Santhanam is the founder and CTO of Cloud Kinetics.

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