Avaya adds new features to empower cloud providers

Infotech Lead America: Avaya has added new features to Collaborative Cloud that enable CSPs to address needs of enterprises.

The solution is designed for cloud service providers (CSPs) to be able to brand and deliver Avaya’s unified communications, contact center and video solutions. CSPs can build new revenue streams by delivering open, mobile collaboration and multichannel customer service to their enterprise customers.

Avaya says its Collaborative Cloud solutions empowers CSPs to help enteprises improve business agility, and optimize budgets and resources.

Enterprises can deal with the challenges of managing BYOD environments, widely dispersed workforces and the shifting demands of end-customers. CSPs can evolve and augment enterprise communications with cloud based solutions to enable greater interoperability across vendors, domains and protocols.

Avaya Cloud Enablement for Unified Communications and Customer Experience Management features flexible, utility-based, opex pricing for CSPs that allows them to pay only for customer usage, to suit the dynamic needs of their customers.

Avaya Control Manager enables multi-tenancy using a centralized management and administrative segmentation tool. Avaya Cloud Enablement for Unified Communications and Customer Experience Management is delivered on a single, open scalable architecture based on Avaya Aura that lowers cost.

Avaya Cloud Enablement for Video enables multi-vendor video collaboration. Recent enhancements to the Elite Series MCUs, Scopia Mobile and Scopia Desktop add value to this VaaS solution by increasing scalability and extending BYOD videoconferencing across nearly any endpoint. Cloud Enablement for Video can be quickly deployed and offers customization of the Scopia mobile application by tenant/organization.

Avaya Communications Outsourcing Solutions (COS) Express is a standardized private cloud offer that can be hosted by Avaya, a CSP or channel partner for the end customer. It can be to sold as an Avaya- or co-branded offer. The first edition of COS Express aims at providing  contact center deployments for businesses with up to 500 concurrent agents.

Avaya Collaborative Cloud includes a variety of solutions that make it possible for users to build, manage, enable and deliver Avaya solutions through cloud-based delivery models. Avaya Collaborative Cloud solutions include Avaya Collaboration Pods, a portfolio of cloud-ready, turnkey solutions that simplify installation and operations of real-time applications; and the Avaya Live suite of unique, public cloud-based communications and collaboration services.

According to study by research firm IDC, increasing adoption of cloud computing technologies will create jobs across functional areas such as marketing, sales, finance and administration, production and service. Of these, over 50 percent will be in small and medium businesses, two million plus each in communications and media, and manufacturing, and over 1.4 million in banking. Of the 13.8 million jobs created globally by 2015 because of cloud computing, two million is estimated to be in India.

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