Atlanta Public Schools use Infor UpgradeX to manage HR

Infor said on Wednesday that Atlanta Public Schools utilize the Infor UpgradeX program to migrate to the cloud-enabled versions available in the Infor Human Capital Management (HCM) suite.

The company said its Infor UpgradeX simply the process for organizations to upgrade or migrate to Infor 10x on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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APS deployed the latest version of Infor HR Service Delivery in the cloud. The school is currently implementing additional applications including Infor Global HR and Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM).

“With the Infor UpgradeX program, APS can take advantage of future enhancements much more quickly because Infor will help us better manage our upgrade needs,” said Fred Jenkins, human resources technology manager, Atlanta Public Schools.

According to APS, Infor has reduced the amount of time between employee selection and the actual employee’s start date by eliminating manual processes using the application’s built-in workflows and personalized new hire portal.

Also on Wednesday, Coventry City Council Libraries deployed Infor Libararies’ V-smart library management system. V-smart also offered a platform to help deliver additional efficiencies in the future, including the potential to open discussions on shared services.

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