Aspect Software to buy LinguaSys

Aspect Software
Aspect Software today announced the acquisition of technology assets of LinguaSys, an interactive text response (ITR), and natural language user interface provider.

The main strategy of Aspect Software is to ensure its business transformation to a cloud solution provider in the customer engagement space from a provider of consumer engagement, workforce optimization solutions.

The acquisition of technology assets of LinguaSys will assist Aspect to improve its omni-channel consumer experience solutions since LinguaSys’ native support for over 18 languages, including Arabic.

“By continuing to invest in enabling technologies and capabilities like LinguaSys, we continue to optimize and differentiate our best-in-class omni-channel customer service, creating greater solution separation from our competitors,” said Joe Gagnon, Sr. VP and global GM, Cloud Solutions at Aspect, in a statement.

The addition of the LinguaSys NLU solution addresses the consumer demand for utilizing messaging services such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter for customer service and support conversations.

“Our interaction through SMS and Twitter with the brands we engage with has evolved from one-way notifications to two-way conversations, empowering companies to automate omni-channel service interactions with consumers. Aspect customers can now dramatically increase consumer interactions while reducing the cost-to-service their customers,” said Sanjay Gupta, MD, South Asia and Middle East, Aspect.

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