ArrayShield integrates two factor authentication platform for Office 365

Infotech Lead India: ArrayShield, a provider of two factor authentication products, has announced that the IDAS Pattern based two-factor authentication platform can now integrate with Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

The integration will provide users of cloud applications built on Office 365–including Microsoft Exchange services–and Microsoft Azure with more secure, Two Factor Authentication for a range of corporate networks and cloud services.

ArrayShield IDAS for Office 365 adds strong authentication and identity assurance, all while simplifying the user experience. It eliminates the need to remember passwords, and allows users to login to securely access all their email and business documents stored in the cloud, from virtually any device anywhere.

Instead of remembering passwords, in ArrayShield IDAS system users chooses a memorable pattern (sequence of cells on the array) as their secret and carry a unique translucent card that masks the grid displayed on the screen.

Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge Array of random characters, which will be displayed on their computer screen. They then overlap the ArrayCard and enter those values that are present in their remembered pattern, creating a secure, one-time secret-code at every login.

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