Ariba Network assists Alphamatic to achieve 40% increase in biz

Alphamatic Systems, an IT provider based in Selangor, Malaysia, is utilizing Ariba Network, a SAP company, to leverage the cloud-based applications.

Thanks to the SAP-promoted Ariba Network, a business-to-business trading platform, Alphamatic Systems has achieved 60 percent reduction in time spent on follow-ups for payment, 50 percent faster payment for online invoices and 40 percent increase in business from one of its largest customers.

By tapping Ariba Network’s cloud-based applications, Alphamatic Systems eliminated manual process for purchase orders and invoices. Earlier, the manual process at Alphamatic resulted into customer follow up and delays in payments due to the usage of paper.

“With the Ariba Network, it is very easy to track POs and invoices online. We’ve reduced the time spent on follow-ups for payment significantly, and have even seen business growth,” said Chan Woei Liang, sales director, Enterprise Business Solutions, Alphamatic Systems.

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