Apply practice tests: Hidden secrets to getting Amazon AWS certified solutions architect associate credential

The worst form of attack on your data is a physical security breach. It is the worst fear for most organizations.

AWS technology for CIOs
All that you need is a password, and they get every important piece of information about your business. Fortunately, cloud computing makes security breaches complicated. The reason is that with this technology, you can rely on firewalls and filters that monitor what goes in and out of your system.

As it comes from what’s being said, any data security-conscious company requires a certified Cloud Security Architect to manage these processes. Luckily, Amazon accredits such professionals using relevant AWS exams like ExamLabs SAA-C02. Join us to learn about this assessment and the badge as well as hidden secrets to earning it with the help of practice tests.

4 Main Steps to Earning AWS Solutions Architect Associate Credential

Preparing for your exam with dedication and using the right revision options among other items makes for a big part of what can allow you to pass SAA-C02 test on the first try. But what if we told you that there are things hidden in plain sight that you overlook? Well, let’s go through some of them.

Pay attention to the format of AWS exam

There are about 65 questions in a typical Certbolt Solutions Architect Associate test that are presented in multiple-choice format. One aspect you should keep in mind is that some tasks need you to select one answer while others require two responses.

Mind the stipulated time for your exam

The assessment is designated to take 130 minutes. And considering that there are 65 questions for you to answer, you’ll have less than one and half a minute for each item. Thus, be conscious of time to avoid not reaching the limits. This is especially important if you will take the exam online Visit Link Here .

Choose the right preparation method

You cannot use every technique to revise for your exam. Therefore, try to arrive at a simpler and organized revision option like notes and practice tests to prepare. Notice, that mocks are very useful in showing what you know and what you need to learn and also they’ll allow you to train with actual exam questions as many times as you need in an interactive environment.

Work on your mindset

Heard of the saying, you’re your worst enemy? Well, the same applies to a case when you prepared enough for an exam, but you do not believe you can tackle it. This can affect the way you go about your assessment. Always motivate yourself, start by asking yourself why you are taking this test and what benefits it will bring you Link Here.


Well, you may think that exam preparation is quite tough but notice that in general, the path to this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Training is not difficult. First, to get this credential, you need to do only one exam SAA-C02. Then, prerequisites involve only one year of experience in AWS cloud solutions and hands-on experience in the architecture and deployment of applications on AWS. And once you have the desired badge, you can earn an average salary of $112,000 per year as stated at So, start your studies with practice tests and get AWS Certification to build a great career.