Amazon’s certification program launched

Infotech Lead America: Amazon Web Services has launched the AWS Certification Program to identify candidates and consultants around the world, who have demonstrated knowledge of AWS best practices.

The AWS Certification Program along with the first of several exams will be made available in 2013. The AWS Certification Exams are administered through testing centers in more than 100 countries and 750 testing locations worldwide.

The rapid adoption of cloud computing and the AWS Cloud around the world gave rise to the need for mechanisms to recognize skilled IT professionals who are technically competent for building and maintaining applications and services on the AWS Cloud.

AWS Certifications recognize the skills, knowledge and expertise of IT professionals in designing, deploying and managing applications on the AWS platform. To be certified, individuals must demonstrate their proficiency in a particular area by passing an AWS Certification Exam.

Courses designed to help aspirants gain proficiency with AWS services are available through AWS Training. Individuals who pass the AWS Certification Exam can display the applicable AWS Certified logo on business cards and resumes. The certification helps increase visibility for their AWS expertise while fostering credibility with employers and peers.

The first available AWS Certification Exam is for the “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level” certification. This certification is meant to test skills for technical professionals and solutions architects involved in the design and development of applications on AWS.

Apart from increasing visibility and credibility, the AWS Certification Program helps organizations identify IT/Engineering staff who are skilled and  knowledgeable enough to handle operations related to the AWS Cloud. The Program also provide a point of comparison to check if an individual’s IT skills and technical knowledge are in alignment with AWS’s architectural best practices.

The Program helps differentiate AWS Partner Network (APN) members that have AWS Certified individuals on staff and enabes technical professionals to develop, certify and advertise their expertise with cloud computing on AWS.

Certifications for Systems Operations (SysOps) Administrators and Developers, and other role based certifications will be made available later this year.

Amazon Web Services recently announced its third Asia Pacific Region in Sydney, which is the ninth Region in the world in which the company has deployed its global cloud computing platform.

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