Adobe Document Cloud launched to address waste and inefficiency

Adobe today announced the launch of Document Cloud that assists you to manage documents at home, office and across devices and will address the waste and inefficiency during document processes.

Adobe’s Document Cloud, which builds on its existing Creative and Marketing Clouds, features Adobe Acrobat DC, which will take e-signatures mainstream by delivering free e-signing as part of the integrated solution.

Adobe will be offering Document Cloud and Acrobat DC within 30 days. By subscribing to Acrobat for $14.99 a month, customers will automatically receive new Acrobat DC and the Document Cloud as soon as it is available. Adobe will sell Acrobat DC as both a subscription and a perpetual license upon availability.


A recent survey by IDC said disconnected document processes are pervasive and negatively impact all areas of business. More than 80 percent of document work is still not digital, with documents often making one or more transitions into and out of paper, especially when signatures are involved.

IDC said business leaders have estimated that the potential benefits of addressing the document disconnect would increase revenue by 36 percent, reduce costs by 30 percent while reducing compliance risks by 23 percent.

Acrobat DC, with a touch-enabled user interface, will be available both via subscription and one-time purchase.

A study by Adobe titled Paper Jam: Why Documents are Dragging Us Down, shows that 83 percent of workers feel their success and ability to be productive at work are slowed down by outdated ways of working with documents, and 61 percent said they would change jobs if the only benefit was dramatically less document and administrative work.

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